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New All-In-One Manual for Pre-school Activities

The manual consists of lessons plans for each day and has been compiled according to the National Curriculum Framework for Children From Birth to Four Years to assist caregivers, teachers, practitioners and parents in educating tots, toddlers and children.

The manual starts with a spider diagram at the start of the week, a circle activity (with two supplementary activities) in which the child does activities with materials and a story for each day. It also contains a "Cooking fun" activity in which the child makes some topical edible objects (like a pig cookie linking to "Farm animals") and a puppet theatre story.

The manual

- includes the ELDAs
- contains background information on the pre-school programme.
- contains hints for activities using readily accessible materials.
- teaches basic concepts.
- includes topics such as "Me", "My body", "Animals" (with separate topics such as "Birds", "Pets" and "Farm animals, etc.), and "My environment", etc.
- helps a child to successfully advance to Grade R.

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New All-In-One Manual for Pre-school Activities

Category: R
ISBN: 9781776070428
Date Released: 31 January 2017
Price (incl. VAT): R 375.00
Format: Soft cover, 232pp


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